Anabela Basalo

In this article we will explore everything related to Anabela Basalo, from its origin and evolution to its impact today. Anabela Basalo is a topic that has aroused great interest in different areas, generating debate and controversy among experts and the general public. Over the years, Anabela Basalo has become increasingly relevant, influencing not only society, but also culture and the economy. Through this detailed analysis, we will examine the most relevant aspects of Anabela Basalo, providing the reader with a comprehensive and updated view of this phenomenon.

Anabela Basalo
Born (1972-09-04) September 4, 1972 (age 51)
Zenica, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia
OccupationNovelist, short-story writer
Genreromance, erotic

Anabela Basalo (Serbian Cyrillic: Анабела Басало) (born September 4, 1972) is a Serbian writer.


She graduated from the Third Gymnasium in Belgrade, and began studies of biology, which she never finished.

Before she wrote his first book she worked as a seller, waitress, held her own coffeehouse, and worked in the time-share business. Basalo responded to an ad where the girls were asked to work on phone sex lines – to read erotic stories – reportedly with desire to write them. After seven years writing the story was mature enough for the novel.


Basalo attracted attention with her first novel, Žena s greškom (Woman with Error). Not long after it she published another novel, Peta ljubav (Fifth Love). Since then, she published novels Erotske price (Erotic Stories), Tajne ženskih jastuka (Secrets of Women Pillows), etc.

Her books speak about the world of male domination, the world of money, power and urban Belgrade. Although it appears that her novels talk about sex, the story is in fact about the eternal themes: searching for identity, loneliness, environment, what happens when someone decides to be different. She openly and honestly talk about male-female relations. Basalo does so even when writing for women magazines.

Critics said of her that she is an "author of a special sensibility, devoted to the personal understanding of the position of women in the world of men."


In April 2004, she posed for the Serbian version of Playboy.

In April 2008, she participated in a campaign of gay organization Queeria named "Love on the streets! Hooligans in prisons!".

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